Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Upcoming: Fun with Colourful Crabs at Chek Jawa

Date: Sunday 26 July 2009
Time: 8am - 11 am
Location: Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. Meet at Changi Point Ferry Terminal (next to Changi Village)
Coordinator: Gloria Seow. Register at gloria_seow AT yahoo.com

Colourful pincers waving in the air, feeding crabs are everywhere. Plenty of multi-coloured fiddler crabs colonise the mangroves and beaches of Chek Jawa (Pulau Ubin), clothed in electrifying colours if you care to look closely. Help Tan Hang Chong and Timothy Pwee spot these tiny crustaceans and learn fascinating facts like how their burrowing promotes nutrient cycling. We will also get to observe the much talked about marine life of Chek Jawa which will be exposed during the low tides. Meet at 8 am at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal. You will need to bring $9 per person to cover the return ferry fares to Pulau Ubin ($5) and the return van ride to Chek Jawa ($4), excluding registration fees. Please register your kids (4 to 12 years old) with Gloria at gloria_seowATyahoo.com, stating their names and ages, if you are a NSS member or not, your mobile number, and if you need us to provide binoculars or not (to see the tiny crabs). A fee of $5 per child (member) or $10 per child (non-member) will be collected on the spot. Parents are encouraged to come along at no charge. Details will be emailed to those who sign up.

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The Little Author - Abraham said...

What a fun activity?

unfortunately, I am not in Singapore!
I am a boy who just learned how to blog. Please feel free to visit my blog and please do comment.

You may forward this to the kids who love story.

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