Wednesday, 29 October 2008

NSS Kids' Fun with Asian Elephants @ Orchidville

By Gloria Seow, Education Group Chairperson

Jin Pyn, the talented author-cum-illustrator of the children’s book ‘The Elephant and The Tree’ read aloud this endearing story, peppering her recitation with lots of captivating Ele facts and figures. This 27 September 2008 event was hosted by Nature’s Niche, the nature bookstore formerly at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, at its new location in Orchidville off Mandai Road.

Author Jin Pyn’s animated story telling brought home the message that Asian Elephants need Trees (the jungle) for their continued survival.

The laid-back ambience of Orchidville (Singapore’s largest orchid farm) proved an apt venue as kids could also browse at Ele-related books and paraphernalia sold at Nature’s Niche. After an invigorating story telling session, kids were treated to two videos filmed at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, north Thailand. These videos showed how Asian elephants lived and played alongside locals and tourists in a conservation-oriented elephant camp. Here, jumbos were portrayed as sensitive, fun-loving giants, co-existing peacefully with mankind in their natural habitat of lush jungles and meandering rivers.

8-year old Faith Wong captured the essence of the session with her cute conservation-themed drawing.

Kids were later asked to draw on ‘trees’ (at the back of recycled paper), to illustrate their thoughts and wishes for elephants. They were particularly energized as Jin Pyn revealed that good drawings would be animated by her and featured on her website at


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